concert & workshop: STROOM festival @ Extrapool
06 Jun '24
concert & workshop
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Jonathan Castro Alejos (Lima, PE) is a graphic designer and ​multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam who works with sound, ​video, installation, and performance. His explorative practice oscillates ​between the real and the fictitious, assembling and reassembling ​collected raw materials embedded with different qualities and identities ​to reconstruct them into surfaces, objects, visual languages, and ​soundscapes. He recently released Radiance Loops on Confusion Unit, a ​collection of field and location recordings exploring the idea of “dirty ​listening”. On the 6th of june, Castro will be doing a live set at ​@extrapoolnl. These recordings, mostly from post-industrial and ​abandoned areas between Amsterdam and Lima will be a part of the live ​set.


Acid Solder Club was founded by electronics and soldering freak Veerle Pennock in 2019 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It started with an idea and wish for creating a new type of makerspace with a focus on DIY electronics, hardware hacking, sensors and interaction, electronic instruments and interface design, modular synths and of course most important: soldering!

Acid Solder Club’s aim is to be a communal playground, where through various meetups and workshops, knowledge and skills regarding soldering, repair work, (DIY) electronics and much more can be shared amongst the community. From hermit basement hobbyists to social butterflies, both young and old, beginner and advanced, artists and musicians, looking for a new technological skills to conquer and master!


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Clarice Jensen, Nina Ryser
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Ode to the Bronze Foundry, Yeon Sung, Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik, Arif Aksit
Double Weekend
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