Design Process of the Art Worldbuilding Poster
16 APR '24
door Hongbin Yang
For the program at the end of April 2024, Hongbin Yang was asked to design a poster that would fit with the concept of Art Worldbuilding. In this blog, he explains his process.

The moth, to me, is a being that transcends the mere biological characteristics of moths themselves and connects to mysterious imaginations. It is representative of the collective subconscious, deeply entwined with dreams, embodying the things that lie in our roots but we do not realize yet. Nevertheless, the moth lives according to the phrase ‘die to be born’, from Virginia Woolf’s The Death of the Moth. This is related to the concept of ‘moth to flame’. The moth’s significance is imbued with death, its subjectivity inverted, its ‘life’ fulfilled only after it has come to an end.


This is my homage to the workshop on questioning authorship, intellectual property, and cultural labor: three moths, three in one. Nirvana and reincarnation in the flame. True transformation begins from the opposite; by harmonizing individuals by connecting every isolated point; in the crucible of fire, in the ashes, reborn.