Thursday 30th of June, Paul Gangloff (Written Records) and Matthias Kreutzer & Jens Schildt (Our Polite Society) will be presenting ‘Our Form Of Book’ at San Serriffe in Amsterdam.

‘Our Form Of Book’ is a publication that has been formed during four work sessions in 2015/2016 in Extrapool. ‘Our Form Of Book’ consists of four parts thematically based on a rather visionary text about the future of books written by El Lissitzky in 1927. Each part was developed in collaboration with a guest editor: ‘The Workers’ Consciousness with Delphine Bedel, ‘Posters In The Streets’ with Anya Naumova and Kirill Blagodatskikh (Ostengruppe), ‘The Consumers’ Demand’ with Tim Voss and ‘Our Children’s Reading’ with Will Holder.

‘Our Form of Book’ has been fully stencilprinted on the Riso A2 machine at Knust Press and was part of the ‘A2 – Size Does Matter‘ projects.

Tim Voss will do a reading and Anya Naumova and Kirill Blagodatskikh will do a talk at 20:30.


20:00 – 22:00

San Serriffe

Sint Annenstraat 30

1012HE Amsterdam


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