linear_listeningJust before the opening of Destillaat#20, we’ve invited the pioneers of the online radio scene DUBLAB for an evening filled program. Joscha Creutzfeldt and Cristian Subirà, founders of the Dublab .DE and .ES branches, will bring along various artists who will perform during this livestream from Extrapool. Together with the Utrecht based online radio platform StrandedFM, Joscha and Cristian will exchange ideas and discuss the state of radio culture and the rise of online broadcasting. What does online radio bring to the underground scene in a city and what gives broadcasters the urge to produce? Tune in online from L.A. to Tokyo or visit Extrapool and be part of this live radio-event!    


Mans O (ES)

MANS O is the main musical endeavor by Barcelonian Roman Daniel, where he attains to ever-chase on breaking with his stylistic barriers by following parallel explorations such as lush ambient live compositions, intricate and rhythmically complex ableton projects and energetic beats with manipulated vocal phrases. 


Jason Kolàr (ES)

From promoting shows, to releasing tapes, and playing in bands (Dead Man on Campus, Coconot, Narwhal), Cristian Subirà has been an active member of Barcelona’s underground music for over 15 years, hiding behind different monikers (Summer Recreation Camp, Nubian Deli, Venessa Milano and Tim Robertson). Tonight he will make ambient compositions with a new age touch as Jason Kolàr.


Ubaldo (ES/BE)

Melancholic whispers, water rhythms, sentences mixed with hyperactives guitars: Ubaldo is one of the monikers that Andreu G. Serra, a Catalan multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels, uses to create trembling ambient atmospheres. He is an active person in the Iberian Peninsula underground scene. In 2014 he started the experimental label Boira Discos.


Wesley Goatley (UK)

Sound and media artist Wesley Goatley tunes in from London to share his thoughts on radio (waves and digital) as a medium for contemporary art. He has set up the online sound archive for Extrapool in 2014, which has since been broadcasted through Nijmegen on the once-popular citizen-band (CB) radio spectrum.


During this radio centered event a preview of the Destillaat #20 exhibition is on view in the Extrapool space. The entire residence of Extrapool will be accessible for a full-house exhibition.

Entrance: € 5,-