Freshly Pressed: A2 art prints Atelier Bingo
A2 Prints: Tulips by Atelier Bingo

This Riso Prints are a part of the A2 > 3D project and were printed by Atelier Bingo,
artists in Residence during the Gekust door Knust exhibition
in Museum het Valkhof.

Riso printed with multiple colors on high quality scarce paper.
All Riso A2 art prints have been stencilprinted on the Riso A2 machine;
a highly specialized and exceptional machine that enables your work to be stencilprinted larger than the standard stencilprint size.

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Freshly Pressed
A2 art prints Super Terrain
Freshly Pressed
21 Jun '19
Gekust door KNUST – 35 jaar stencilkunst
Knust Press
7 Jul '19
Presentatie A2 < 3D met Atelier Bingo
Atelier Bingo