performance: Extrapool Weekend — Opening Dreaming Of
31 Mar '23
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Dreaming of is an exhibition program focusing on the voices of queer artists. We shape our future, aiming to create a queer utopia. We celebrate being queer, soft, vulnerable, loved and most importantly multifaceted.


We are not safe and welcome everywhere. Dreaming of aims to experience the butterflies you feel when seeing moments of queer joy even though the same moments maybe once felt differently. Letting the suppressed feelings behind and celebrate us through different art disciplines. We have so many beautiful stories to tell, so let’s join forces and admire each other’s existence.


From the early age of fourteen I began to fully immerse myself in the world of dance, performance and art and found myself grounded in places where I can express myself and develop my crafts. I am a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersections between dance, writing(prose), visual art and music and thrive in multi-disciplinary creative environments. I am a passionate individual with a love for dissecting and creating concepts and enjoy being part of innovative creative processes.


Marijn Abel:
Marijn Abel is a social tailor, a social designer with as medium fashion. His aim is to find out what the other person needs, and to hopefully be able to help that person find that within the clothes they will together create.
On the opening night Marijn Abel will work together with their sibling and muse Bebe. They will create a moment of joy and celebration of self.


Through his/their artistic-social practice, artist Giovanni Maisto Ferreira emphasizes that consensual touching
requires a vulnerable attitude. This is why he/they wants to amplify the importance of healthy, wholesome physical
connections within our communities. In 2020, Giovanni released the film touch ‘M. This short film serves as a symbolic depiction of ways in which non-sexual touch can be a healing tool regarding certain aspects of toxic masculinity.
Touch ‘M is based on his/their own experiences with physical connection while being in a male representing body.


Friday March 31th – Opening Dreaming Of
Sunday March 2th – Workshop Abel Marijn


Programmeur: Jesse van den Berg


Double Weekend
Extrapool Weekend — Dreaming Of & Cut-Up Chronicles
Rowan van As, Lula Valletta, Abel Marijn, Jezus Cinco, Zacquel Phipps, Giovanni Maisto Ferreira