performance: Extrapool Weekend — Dreaming Of & Cut-Up Chronicles (change in program see info)
2 Apr'23
Zaal open:

Due to illness the program for Cut-Up Chronicles is cancelled for this day. You’re still welcome to join for the workshop by Abel Marijn!

Workshop by Abel Marijn, live printing with Lula Valletta & Jan Dirk de Wilde.

Order your tickets here. (tickets are only for the workshop by Abel Marijn)


Dreaming of
Dreaming of is an exhibition program focusing on the voices of
queer artists. We shape our future, aiming to create a queer
utopia. We celebrate being queer, soft, vulnerable, loved and most
importantly multifaceted.


We are not safe and welcome everywhere. Dreaming of aims to
experience the butterflies you feel when seeing moments of queer
joy even though the same moments maybe once felt differently.
Letting the suppressed feelings behind and celebrate us through
different art disciplines. We have so many beautiful stories to tell, so
let’s join forces and admire each other’s existence.


Zacquel Phipps (spoken word)
Abel Marijn (fashion / performance)
Giovanni Maisto Ferreira (video)


Marijn Abel:
Marijn Abel is a social tailor, a social designer with as medium fashion. His aim is to find out what the other person needs, and to hopefully be able to help that person find that within the clothes they will together create.


Cut-Up Chronicles
Analogue DIY cut-up artist Lula Valletta was assigned the massive archive of Extrapool. A more then 35-year-old history of analogue and digital content in the disciplines: sound, art and print. Lula as a pur sang analogue-head made an alliance with a digital cut-up artist, and collaboration with visual artist and home video whiz kid Jezus Cinco was born. Analogue meets digital, and the same irreverent cut-up technique was applied to all material available.


Lula’s residency at Extrapool resulted in a collage wall installation consisting of original stenciled printed matter from Extrapool’s archive, combined with a cut-up curation of the digital archive to create an audio-visual chaos. All cramped into one single room. The space reflects the massive archive, and the overkill of experimental music, art and shows the relentless energy that Extrapool thrives upon till this day.


Accompanying this intense but intimate all over experience, is a collage publication to be released during this Extrapool Weekend. Sound, art, and print: Extrapool’s operating fields brought together in one room and between the pages of one zine. To undergo, and to take us home afterwards.


Double Weekend
Extrapool Weekend — Dreaming Of & Cut-Up Chronicles
Rowan van As, Lula Valletta, Abel Marijn, Jezus Cinco, Zacquel Phipps, Giovanni Maisto Ferreira