book : Moving Dots, Speaking About Dots
6 Feb 22'
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Moving Dots, Speaking About Dots #2: Rogier Arents, Bird Pit, Corners studio


For this second edition of Moving dots, speaking about dots Knust press collaborated remotely with Corners studio (KR) to make a publication featuring artwork by Rogier Arents (NL) and Bird Pit (KR).


Both designers reflect upon the core theme of the project, the dot. The dot metaphor it is to be found in many aspects of printmaking. Both literally as the primitive unit from which every image starts, but also technically, referring to the laser head burning dot after dot the image on the master page of stencil duplicators, or the halftone screen. What exactly happens in those dots, points, layers and gradients that are so familiar to us?


Bird Pit transformed the dots into characters of his colored pencil illustrations. They are creatures, precious fruits, but also playful tools and shapes that naturally surround us. Arents’s dots reflect the movements of the moon and its trajectory which leaves traces of its passage in the soft gradients.

Corners studio was paired with Rogier Arents while Knust studio with Bird Pit. They both worked within a set of basic rules that reflect in the book shape and composition. Being their first time working with stencil printing the designers were guided through the translation of their artwork, suggesting color combinations and ways of working.


The result is a playful publication that can be browsed in any direction and orientation. During the presentation we will speak further about dots with Rogier Arents and have a look at images and video featuring Corners working on the publication from their studio in Seoul.

This project was made possible within the international collaboration program by Stimulerings fonds.



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