expositie: Extrapool Weekend — Cut-Up Chronicles
1 Apr '23
Zaal open:

Expo | Film | Zine Release | Performance
Live: Rowan van As
Film screening: Longboarding extravaganza

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Analogue DIY cut-up artist Lula Valetta was assigned the massive archive of Extrapool. Our archive is split into two; analogue and digital, and is covering the disciplines sound, art and print. Lula resided in Extrapool’s guest quarters to really dive into the archive and to find a way how to exhibit something as ephemeral as (experimental music) performances.The analogue and digital archives are from different times and going through them felt like a whole other experience. To emphasize the time past and to further extend the display from the entirety of the archive, Lula as a pur sang analogue-head made an alliance with a digital cut-up artist. And so, a collaboration with visual artist and home video whiz kid Jezus Cinco was born. Analogue meets digital, and the same irreverent cut-up technique was applied to all material available.


Lula’s residency at Extrapool resulted in a massive collage wall installation consisting of original stencilled printed matter from Extrapool’s archive, combined with a cut-up curation of the digital archive to create an audio-visual chaos. All cramped into one single room, it is a lot. All your senses will be tickled to the max. The space reflects the massive archive, and the overkill of experimental music, art and shows the relentless energy that Extrapool thrives upon till this day.


Accompanying this intense but intimate all over experience, is a collage publication to be released during this Extrapool Weekend. Sound, art, and print: Extrapool’s operating fields brought together in one room and between the pages of one zine. To undergo in Extrapool, and to take home afterwards.


A Trip down Memory Lane by Jan-Dirk from Knust.


Rowan van As:
“In use improv in my performances. There’s always music and often weird objects, I collect bits and bobs wherever I go. In a way I try to make contact with the viewer, verbally and non verbally. I already have some ideas, I made a brand new litter bin. A replica from one I randomly saw somewhere and it fits the story (I also try to look at the context of the exhibition: collage, beautiful artform.) A bit New Yorksy, with icons that are quite fun. But the surprise is the most fun, not everything thought through beforehand.”


Film screening:
The Art of Vlogging in a Post-Capitalist Society (20 min.) by Jezus Cinco


Double Weekend
Extrapool Weekend — Dreaming Of & Cut-Up Chronicles
Rowan van As, Lula Valletta, Abel Marijn, Jezus Cinco, Zacquel Phipps, Giovanni Maisto Ferreira