Concert: Sun Foot (US) + Piyojo (NL)
9 Nov '18
Vrijdag 9 november treedt de band van Chris Johanson 'Sun Foot' op in Extrapool. Samen met de Groningse Piyojo zullen zij een ware 'feel good' avond verzorgen!
Extrapool, Tweede Walstraat 5, 6511 LN Nijmegen
Zaal open:
€ 5,00


Rik Möhlmann aka Piyojo is known for his engaging live sets where physical movement and the audible clearly connect. Combining freestyle electcronics, jazzed out flute and percussion-heavy rhythmic patterns, Piyojo is a master of improvised dance pieces that trigger both headspace and bodily actions. Last year Italian label Periodica Records released his vinyl debut 12″ EP “Live Recordings Restored by Zachte Man”. A cassette album entitled “Auptoi” came out that same year. During the upcoming tour he will extend his sound pallet with clean FM synthesis which intersects with digital paintings that simultaneously evolve throughout the live set.

Sun Foot
'Portland Los Angeles 3 piece who play low volume tunes through small amps and a drum set that consists of a hand drum, cymbal, pan lids, and electronic drum pad, all three singing, playing random cheap electronic keyboards maybe, and switching of instruments probably. Good to listen to if you are interested in the sun and tired of negativity.' Ron Burns (drums, guitar, vocals, drum machine, keyboard) Chris Johanson (bass, guitar, drum machine, keyboard, vocals) Brian Mumford (guitar, bass, drum machine, vocals, clarinet)


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17 Nov '18
Cellulose Congres
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