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Knust Press
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Knust is a special printworkspace and independent publisher in Nijmegen.

For more than thirty years we have been making stencilprinted matter, nowadays better known as Riso printing. During that time, we fully mastered the technology and gained an extensive selection of more than fifty color drums. Knust is the place for beautifully finished and colorful printed matter.

Have your work printed

Would you like to have your work printed by Knust? Then you can fill in the inquiry form below for a price indication. Would you want to have something very extensive, like a big book project, printed by Knust? Then it is best to send an e-mail with more details to:

Stencil workshop


Knust was founded in 1984 by Jan Dirk de Wilde, in the former squat building de Westland in Nijmegen. In those days the printing was done with analogue stencilmachines of Roneo and Gestetner. Stencilprinting was an easy way of making selfpublished books and zines and a cheap alternative for copyprinting. This quickly led to a growing demand for Knust’s printed matter. Over the years, Knust has developed in stencilprinting, Riso (and Ricoh), and we have inspired and helped other makers and starting workshops in working with this printing technique.

Stencilprinting / Riso

Stencilprinting can be compared with silkscreen printing. It is a printing technique which makes use of a blocked out and an open area, using a digital stencilmachine or stencilduplicator. The machines make use of either one or two color drums. Each color has its own drum, around which a stencil (master sheet) is placed, when the intended image has been made into the master sheet. The technology is ideal for small quantities and graphic printed matter.

Colorful and environment-friendly

The analog and charming feel of the technique goes within the type of ink and the small shifts that occur during the printing process. The ink is based on soybean oil (nowadays also rice bran oil) and does not dry completely. It is therefore best to print on uncoated, more rough paper that absorbs the ink more. This contributes to the beautiful vivid printed colors that characterize the technique.

Knust makes stencilprinted and Riso printed matter of the highest quality

Here we present a selection of some of the books, (maga)zines, prints and other printed matter that are being made by Knust.

Workshops & Expertise

On a regular base you can find us at art book fairs in the Netherlands and abroad.

We also give workshops, lectures and advice focused on stencil- and Riso printing and the making of art books. Regularly we give a workshop in this printing technique in Knust in AGA Lab. For more information and for workshops and expertise on request, please contact us at:


In addition to commissioned print jobs, Knust also publishes books together with Extrapool.
Since 2011 there have been ongoing book residency projects within the Extrapool program. These editions involve collaboration with various designers, artists and illustrators. Ongoing projects are: Art Prison and Work Holiday.

For more information about the open call deadlines and the submission of a book proposal, please contact us at:

Do you already have experience with this printing technique and do you live close to Amsterdam?
Then you can also work on a DIY-base yourself in our second printworkspace Knust in AGA Lab in Amsterdam.



Work Holiday Birthe Janssens
Corona Maatregelen
Hidden Editions: de kunstenaars
Residentie-serie Extratool
Speculative interactive trans-media fiction
18 DEC '21
De Naakte Waarheid
Martina Raponi
19 Dec 21'
Moving dots, speaking about dots
Rogier Arents, Bird Pit, Corners studio
18 DEC '21
De Heen- en Weerwolf
Raul Balai moderated by Richard Kofi
19 Dec '21
Tableau Vivant
Omarleen, Marieke Peeters
12 Nov 21'
Destilaat #23
Mica Pan Ellen Yiu Travis A G Geertruida Babs van Heugten Jerrold Saija Goya van der Heijden Paul Heusinkveld Eline Vonk Fynn van der Ziel Hannes Schievink
concert + book presentation
30 okt' 21
Extratool: concert Big Hare + presentatie Work Holiday
Tim Fraanje & Luuk Ottenhof
drawings, installation, lecture, film
29 okt '21
De Achtergrond #8
Max Kisman en Serge Onnen (Simon Kentgens gecancelled)
Exhibition and Zine presentation
25 sep '21
Iets Met Dieren x Moving dots, Speaking about dots
Monika Deimling, Anna Hijmans, Maia Matches, Knuckles & Notch
Performative lecture
24 sep '21
Floris Schönfeld i.s.m Bruno Bocanegra
Poetry, literatur, video, performance, exhibition
18 sep '21
Kunstnacht | Extrapool x Cultuur op de Campus
Millie Herpin, Farah Shretah, Chelsea Oost
Exhibition & music
11 sept '21
The Big Draw Festival 2021
Sunjoo Lee i.s.m Ko de Beer
Performance + Bookpresentation
30 juli '21
ExtraPlaats#2 x De Achtergrond #8 x Art Prison
Anne Brugni, Hamid El Kanbouhi, Martine Johanna, Qiaoyi Shi, Alex Walker, Lasse Wandschneider, Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva, Guido Nieuwendijk, Wouter Venema, Lysandre Begijn, Ruth van Beek, Koos Breen
Music + art
17 juli '21
Valkhof Festival X Extrapool
Daan Mulder & Gökay Atabek, Oscar Peters, Stefan Kollee & nobuka, Evi van der Kant, Diepenmaat / Sallaerts, Wouter van Veldhoven / Dianne Verdonk, Aya Suzuki
Concert + Book presentation
26 jun '21
Extratool x Hidden Editions
Kidbug, Simone Albers, Jesse van den Berg, Sjoerd Tegelaers, Yvon Ariese, Leon Dekker
11 jun '21
Extern: Underground Theatre ‘Uitzicht op Keizer Karel’
Underground Theatre
29 mei '21
Nachtploeg #2
Suzana Laşcu
29 mei '21
Iets Met Dieren #3
Constance Hinfray en Anna de Vriend
Online performance
30 mei '21
My Neck of the Woods
Dasha Tsapenko
23 apr '21
Destillaat #22
Angelique Farge, Gökay Atabek, Judith Reijnders, WONNE, Dave Fransz, Goretti Pombo, Eugenie Boon, Daan Mulder
Music performance
25 Apr '21
Albert van Abbe & David von Bahr
Concert + Installation
26 mrt '20
Tableau Vivant x Opaque Mirrors
Stefan Kollee & nobuka, Evi van der Kant / Suzanne Treister, Ingrid Burrington, Miraculous Futures, Ralf Jacobs, Fiona Lutjenhuis, Lenneke van der Goot, Luc Loois
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